Fresh / Silk Flower Products and Event Services

Working with fresh or silk flowers for your special event, or loved one’s funeral is a privilege for us, and your designs are usually exclusive, as we don’t replicate our work for different clients. Take a look at the link for weddings at the top of our home age if you wish to see some examples of our wedding flower work.

Because our operating costs are minimal, we provide great service at very fair rates, while delivering very personalized service and workmanship, incorporating flowers of the highest grade for your budget, usually brought direct from growers or via auction buyers. Booking your wedding with us early in the season, assists with ordering the favourite or more unique flower varieties you may have your heart set on, or have our first flower choices implemented.

We can create all florist products customers choose florists for, plus our own designs not seen elsewhere.

We can provide a Flower Wall and a few other event accessories but have some good friends in the prop hire industry who we work with, to help you create the most personalized event you desire.
Many North Island crops take a few days to have flowers arrive when ordered for tropical, personalized requests.

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