Car toppers / decor wreaths


Our wreaths can be made in any size in a natural twig form, an xmas decorated twig form, fresh flowers and cane style, or fresh flowers with foliage or not, in a long lasting flower feeding, wreath frame.

The flower wreaths like others, are heaviest, but are able to be placed at a monument or etc, easily or hung anywhere. We can create any colour or flower type design for you, depending upon fresh flowers available, at the time of you your requiring. The example shown here is used as a candle surround, and can also be an excellent way to decorate an out door table where the umbrella passes through. These can last two weeks easily with fresh water added, and are also very suitable for taking to your loved ones final resting places.

Prices begin at $25 for a twig wreath, and $70.00 for a flower and foliage long lasting wreath, and are dependant upon the amount of materials.


Long lasting floral wreaths can be made with all roses for example, or a garden style mix as seen here.




This playful heart wreath, with fairy lights included is in progress and awaiting additional roses,

and is a long lasting wreath style able to be topped up with flower food and water.