Australian Hand and Nail Cream – 100 ml

$12.00 $10.00

Who doesn’t need a handy, good sized tube of handcream in their lives, and we are happy to have available this well regarded Australian range of excellent value, handcreams made with high quality ingredients and fragrances to provide lasting pleasure and comfort to any lucky recipient.

Not tested on animals, and contain essential oils and pure extracts. Currently on back order, we have the ever popular Pink Freesia and Rose blend in stock now, if you wish to call in and test some yourself.

These make a wonderful add on to send with flowers, or as they come in an attractive box, they can be sent without flowers, and with a large card or even chocolates as a suggestion, NZ wide to any hospital, or address.

Scents in stock are :

Persian Orange and Cassis

Japanese Honeysuckle

Coconut and Lime

Pink Rose and Freesia